Crafted On Premise

Guests now have a choice of taking their favourite kit home to make, or having it Crafted on Premise by Wascana Wine & Brew’s professional and trained staff.

At Wascana Wine & Brew, we believe award winning quality wine deserves to be crafted with only the purest water we can source. That’s why we only use Northern Water. Northern Water Cleaners (a local Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan company) offers the purest non-chlorinated chemical free water available.

Easy, time saving, space saving and affordable, the process for Craft on Premise is simple!

Remember the days of “I Love Lucy” and her experiences making wine, stomping away? We’ve come along way since then! Wines made from kits follow several of the same procedures used in big scale wineries like Inniskillin-Jackson Triggs; Robert Mondavi Winery and more! Yet we still manage to include the excitement and enjoyment of Lucy’s experience – though a lot less messy! The grapes are already pressed and juice prepared for you. All that is left is to get those crushed grapes to start fermenting into your own award winning quality wine. There are four oh-so-simple steps to making your own personalized wine be it for yourself, gifts for your friends, business clients, or whatever else you can think of where wine is the perfect compliment.

At Wascana Wine & Brew, our philosophy is simple!  Not only should wine be exceptional to enjoy, crafting it should be fun and easy!  Our automated bottling and corking systems are quick, efficient and easy to operate!  The record for filling 30 bottles of wine (including bottle sterilizing, corking, a label affixed, and shrink cap placed on top) is just under 8 minutes!  That said, we give each client an hour per wine (the average time is about 20 minutes) to relax, enjoy, listen to your favourite music, grab a nibble of cheese and laugh!

As much as we carefully craft your wines, allowing nature to take its course slowly and properly (we do NOT believe in rushing your wine to completion in a week or so - but then, neither does any reputable winery!), we remain guided by the principle bottling your wine should be as relaxing and enjoyable as indulging in a glass of it.   At Wascana Wine & Brew, we promise you will never be rushed or overwhelmed with machinery capable of filling and corking over 10 bottles a minute, and then hurried out!  Relax and enjoy - your wine, yourself!.

Those four easy steps?

Step 1: One of the hardest steps! Choose your wine. The easiest part is red or white (or Blush too!). From soft, light-bodied fun wines to rich luxurious full-bodied and everything in between, Wascana Wine & Brew offers over 150 different wines from around the world – all of them supplied by RJ Spagnols, winner of more medals for quality than any other wine kit manufacturer on the market today.

Step 2: Purchase and mix your kit in the store. Kick off the transition from juice to wine by adding the ingredients, pitching the yeast and getting the fermentation process started. This process is quick and only takes about 15 minutes.

Step 3: Patiently wait 4-8 weeks, depending on your kit style, for your kit to ferment into outstanding award winning quality wine.

Step 4: Fun! Fun! Fun! It’s bottle time! Wascana Wine & Brew will call to set up an appointment with you for bottling your wine. You get to fill all the bottles, cork them, shrink the hoods over the tops, and put your choice of labels on.

At Wascana Wine & Brew, we don't believe in nickle and diming you on your way out, that's why our Craft on Premise fees include all your corks, labels, shrink caps and filtering fees right up front!

Simple. Fast. Convenient. It really is that easy!

For more information about Craft on Premise, please contact Wascana Wine & Brew today!