Barrel Craft

Wascana Wine & Brew is Saskatchewan's first and only U-Brew to offer ACACIA BARRELS used exclusively for all White Wines!

Naturally, our imported Hungarian Oak barrels can be used with all our red wines, and some white wines that respond well to oaking.

Now clients have a choice of barrel aging!  Our imported Hungarian Oak barrels for all red wines produce incredible flavour and almost immediate drink-ability, white wines develop smooth flavours and mellow hints of vanilla when produced in oak barrels.

That said, many white wines do not take to oak, nor would be desireable with oak.  Wascana Wine & Brew has introduced Acacia barrels for all white wines - imagine instead of oak, notes of honey, the tropical fruit flavours of Chardonnay emerging forward as a result of Acacia barrel aging, Viognier responding incredibly well with apricot notes well forward after aging in an Acacia barrel; Riesling's crisp acidity and fresh fruit flavours become positively vibrant when aged in Acacia barrels.

Acacia barrels have been used for centuries in France, Spain, Austria and Italy.  American wineries have begun to age fine white wines in acacia only recently.  Gary Horner, chief winemaker of Erath Vineyards in Oregon (one of the US' top wineries famous for their Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris) is enthusiastic about the wines his winery has produced using Acacia barrels.

At this time, no Canadian winery uses the barrels, leaving Wascana Wine & Brew to again become a leading edge in wine production.  Only 6 of these barrels are in use in Canada, and we are extremely excited to be at the forefront of cutting edge wine making!

Wascana Wine & Brew is Saskatchewan’s first  Craft on Premise operation to provide Oak Barrel Aging.   Placing your wines in our imported Hungarian oak barrels for up to 2 weeks will enhance the quality of your wine and if you are a traditionalist, you will be following in the footsteps of winemakers who date back at least 2,500 years. The use of oak, in the right amount, can turn an average wine into a prizewinner. Oak's delicate vanilla scent and complex toastiness enhances the fruit flavours and aromas already present, forming a more complex and sophisticated bouquet.

Commonly, only full-bodied red wines and richly flavoured whites like Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc are treated with oak.

One of the most enduring - and evocative - images in the winemaking world is that of the barrel room. Virtually every commercial vintner has one, and it's among the "must sees" on any winery tour. Besides its symmetrical beauty and photo-op appeal, the barrel room indicates that the vintner is shooting for an elusive quality in his wine. Barrel aging is one of the common denominators in wines that reach beyond the ordinary.

A good barrel can make a tremendous difference in the quality of your wine. To a red, it conveys a softness and complexity that adds great character, due to the conversion of harsh tannins to softer polymers; to some whites - particularly Chardonnays and similar wines - it can give additional aromatic qualities that make the wine extra special. Two weeks in a barrel can mature a wine as much as a year in a carboy would have done, and in the process confer a delicate but attractive oakiness that announces the wine as truly "commercial" in character.

For your next Craft on Premise adventure, come try wine making the way it should be and enjoy your award winning barrel crafted wines with Wascana Wine & Brew!